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Air Tressure for car Tires

Air Tressure for car Tires

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Automatic Portable Handheld Digital LED Smart Car Air Compressor Pump


Automatic stop and prevent overfilling.
Quick and easy to use.

car tire pressure
Powerful air compressor.

tyre pressure
Fits any air valve.
Compact, lightweight design.
Use on tires, toys, sports equipment, bike tires, air mattresses, and more.
It's a great little air pump and excellent for keeping the proper air pressure in your automobile tires.

Rated Power: 120W
Input: DC 12V
4 units switching: KPS/BAR/PSI/KGF
Size: 24*18*5.2cm

Package Content:
1 x Air Compressor
1 x Air hose
3 x Connectors for different applications
1 x User Manual

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